Fornication – the scriptural definition

“Fornication” is a good translation of the word porneia. It is the generic and far reaching technical term for sexual sin of every kind - including actions and intentions. One of its most restricted and general meanings is genital-to-genital sexual intercourse between an unmarried male and unmarried female. In its full range it includes all forbidden conscious actions and/or intentions that are sexually stimulating, whether heterosexual or homosexual. This includes all forbidden sexual behavior from the arousing movement, touch, caress, or kiss to full genital orgasm through any means of conscious stimulation. Most churches have utterly failed about this matter, and especially regarding the starting point of fornication’s full definition. Outside of defined Scriptural boundaries, all sexually arousing movement, touching, caressing, and kissing also constitute fornication. These facts have not been emphasized. Most churches not only do not teach this, they allow this kind of behavior among their members. This is because they have not properly assessed the sexual stimulation or arousal that is often involved in these actions and the Scriptural mandates that are specifically against them. (Of course, most disavow that they allow sexual sin.) Instead, it is taught that what matters (what is at issue) is that strong sexual desire or sexual lust which progresses to orgasm must not occur. Rather, the Word forbids any conscious purposing, contact, or stimulation that arouses sexually to any degree.

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