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It is my contention that major, fundamental teachings of Christianity have been lost to the doctrines of the churches, which substitute their doctrines for God's in our times just as the synagogues substituted their teachings for God's in the times of Jesus and His apostles.

The very words "Christian" and, by extension, "Christianity" have been wrongly transformed from their original usage describing "Christians: those who are like Christ" to describing multitudes of loosely joined sub-named groups who all profess to adhere to the doctrines of Christ from one degree to another.  

This website is about the recovery of Christianity. It is not about the promotion of the teachings of the churches or of any particular denomination. The recovery of Christianity is a monumental task since the departure from Biblical Christianity has been very long in occurrence and very profound in degree. Correspondingly, many subjects covered on this site are handled in an in-depth fashion and are lengthy. Anything else would not and could not do justice to the Faith that was once delivered to holy people.

Speaking from a purely human viewpoint, if I were not a Christian I would definitely not become one because of the testimony and lives of the churches. In fact, I would run the other way! Those who make up the churches and call themselves Christians have, for the most part, not only completely caricatured Christianity into a laughingstock among both thoughtful and abusive men, but also have, in a far worse way, turned its essence inside-out and upside-down. What they promote, whether it is through a neo-spirituality that wows the masses or a buffoonish rendition that repulses them, is as far removed from Christianity as the east is from the west! Obviously, when it comes to spiritual things, many people, some of them otherwise remarkably intelligent, take leave of their senses. They adhere to everything from the most ridiculous to the downright foolish. They promote all manner of false, bizarre, stubborn, and sinful positions right in the face of revealed Christianity. When one looks at the churches one sees a very pathetic and repulsive rendition of alleged Christianity! It is a rendition that has effectively pronounced foolishness as wisdom, filth as clean, and sin as righteousness. It is no wonder why the world mocks this thing! The mocking and avoidance are justified! All the prophets warned of this!

And yet, while the recovery of Christianity is, correspondingly, very involved, it does not take genius to figure things out - quite the contrary. While Christianity is profound, it is not complicated. It is thoroughgoing and contains deep mysteries, but it is simple in understanding and its realization for believers. Christianity, for the most part, is composed of regular people; people who are not accomplished according to the standards of the world. That is its orientation. Because of this, Christianity is for the masses of rather lowly people and was and is given in such a way as to be completely comprehended by such people. The message of Christianity was not framed in esoteric and complicated language. Rather, it stands revealed in the everyday language of the common man. Its message is clear, absolute, direct, and final. Only corrupt human nature sullied and complicated it. Spiritually endowed and humble humanity will once again regain it in its strength. This reality is both our hope and our starting place for recovery. This is the promise of all of the prophets!

Therefore, I ask you to come along and walk with us in the light of Jesus, the Son of God, as we set about in this task of the recovery of Scriptural Christianity. We who are Christians need each other in this labor. Come and join us! Today is God’s Day and the Light and the Glory are His!


Hear Jesus

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them.”

“And He was saying, 'He who has ears to hear, let him hear'.”

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Page One

The religion that is found in the churches is not Biblical Christianity, which was known in apostolic days as The Road or The Way! Rather, it is a hybrid substitute. This hard saying is true.

Christianity is several things. Paramount in Christianity is the emphatic truth that it is the way of eternal life summed up in faith in and love and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. This web site will place the proper emphasis on each of these, without establishing any one at the expense of any other. The tragedy and triumph of pseudo-Christianity is that it has taken a different course through various avenues and positions and that this other-Christianity has usurped Christianity for nearly two millennia. In essence, the teachings of the churches have in a very large way - and very early in their history - department from those that were established by Jesus and His apostles.

Almost everything that you read about on this web site presupposes a certain amount of knowledge concerning The Bible and the church. However, if you do not have much or even any experience regarding these things, you will still be able to follow along. All the documents on this web site have a threefold purpose. The first is to give God the glory that is due to His holy name through the continued declarations of the teachings of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. All of Jesus' teachings - each one with its due weight and emphasis - concern us; those that He taught while in the flesh in Israel and those that He taught in the Spirit throughout the Roman Empire. The second purpose is the recovery of Christianity -- Christianity according to the Scriptures, which is the only Christianity. The third is established - only truly established - on the preceding two and is nothing short of helping to ensure the proper gatherings together of the body of Jesus Christ -- it is to help the people of Jesus find one another in this present darkened universe and to help us assemble with one another in Him as our Lord and head. The goal is to move from scattered remnant believers to standing once again as the manifested body of Christ demonstrated in unified local assemblies of God.

    At the outset, terms, structure, and orientation need to be defined. 

By terms, I mean, how are words defined? As much as I am able, I will endeavor to naturally use scriptural word meanings as they were used in the culture of the first century A.D. Mediterranean basin, although this task will have its obstacles for reasons that are obvious and not so obvious. By naturally, I mean that I will use the meanings of words as they were understood in that culture in my general way of presentation, although I will draw attention to word usage for emphasis from time to time. As we go, I will strive to be clear and direct about everything.

The structure of this web site will contain this home page as the introductory starting point. Pages two through five will begin the scope and focus of the site proper by considering the current condition of things. There will only be three progressive, individual subject links on pages two through four -- links that concern the essence of Christianity.  Highlighting these links is meant to underscore their supreme importance. According to Jesus, all who hold forth themselves to be His followers cannot be lacking in these needful things. The content of pages two through five may change in minor ways from time to time, but these three links will always be found there.  Page six will contain a summary of pages one through five. Page seven will contain all other subject links alphabetized.  Clearly, the alphabetized list has been chosen merely to aid quick access to each subject. The alphabetized list does not, in the nature of the case, declare which subjects are the weightiest in Christianity. Many things that are stated here and on pages two through six will be addressed in detail under the alphabetized list. Simply select the corresponding link on page seven. In the nature of the case, page seven will grow. This web site is not optimized for business concerns, so it does not employ techniques and navigation schemes that are used for monetized web sites. Subject pages on this site may be quite long. You may find it more convenient to print the pages before reading them.

Christian orientation is a sweeping subject. It really covers many things. Here, presently, it mainly covers two things.  First, as already indicated, the subjects covered on this web site will be comprehensive.  It is my purpose to leave no stone unturned and to deal appropriately with all things. Many things, therefore, will be dealt with in an extensive fashion.  This means that many of the subjects dealt with will continue to expand. Secondly, my orientation is personable and completely inclusive.  I do not seek to exclude anyone. I seek to be a faithful slave of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the Master only Who includes and Who excludes. Therefore, in Him, I speak to all, to the high and the low, to the educated and the uneducated. While seeking to address some considerations of those who are called scholars, it is understood that the Gospel is mainly to the poor, the needy, the non-accomplished, the despised, the rejected, and to those who are easily exploited -- in short, by God's design, the Gospel is mainly to those who are not held in high regard among society. This thrust and burden will receive the due emphasis.

In the very nature of the case, Jesus was and is controversial. He did not set out to be this way, like people do who have a faulty agenda seeking sensationalism or arrogant recognition. Because He is God and came from the Father with the Father’s commandments for errant mankind, He was and is iconoclastic in nature. Because the things stated on this web site are a submissive and faithful proclamation of His will, they will be viewed in the same way by many. I cannot help that. Jesus was not wrong because people repelled from Him due to His teachings. The fault is with those who resist His will and reject His teachings. There are countless web sites on the Internet that are combative, dishonest, abusive, and have a fixed, arrogant agenda to fulfill. A controversial attitude is the mode of operation with those web sites. I will not enter into that spirit on this web site. I will try to answer what I consider to be honest e-mails. Some e-mails may be wrongly judged as bad when they are not just as some may be wrongly judged to be good (at least, initially) when they are not. I fully understand zeal and welcome it. I understand that many people ardently believe many different things. However, I will not answer e-mails that I judge to be dishonest and/or sinfully combative. "The slave of the Lord must not be contentious." One other thing needs to be said. I am self-employed and do not have a great deal of time in which to always speedily answer e-mails. I wish I could always have the time, but I won’t. Like most people, I have to spend substantial time working in order to earn a living. If my time is constrained, meaning that I can’t get back to you soon, and your e-mail is one that I intend to answer, I will send you a reply informing you that I will respond in due time.

Before we proceed, I must state a couple of things. You probably will observe that this web site is copyrighted. Copyright serves several good features in other contexts. Here, however, it serves for one useful purpose: No one is allowed to reproduce any content from this web site in order to thereby gain any monetary profit. Everything on this web site can be reproduced and redistributed. I will be very happy if this is the case. However, the Gospel is not for sale. In Jesus Christ, it never has been and never will be. The Gospel was freely given to us and it must be freely given by us. It is sinful and perverse to sell, rent, or charge for the Word of God, the teachings of God, the counsels of God, the service of God, or advice about God. Also, be fully advised - The Bible deals extensively with the sexual life of humanity. Life and death are bound up in these issues. Because of the vast differences in culture, mindset, and even vocabulary between our world and the ancient Greco-Roman world regarding sexuality, explicit teaching must be employed as needed to recover God's will concerning sexual purity.  Because of our modern ignorance, we cannot now (thoroughly and effectively) use the same euphemisms that were used by first century Biblical writers. Hopefully, in the regaining of knowledge, we can once again return to that proper use of euphemism. Regretfully, this is not now the case. I urge all parents, who know or should know the maturity levels of their own children, to read the subject matter on the pages covering sexual sins and then to either allow access to their children or instruct them about these things. Proceed to page two: The Fatal Condition of the Churches

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