Remnant of God Arise Stand Apart and Act!

In ancient times and in times of old, just as in our day, God has kept to Himself His chosen remnant His people who remain faithful to His Word, people who will not compromise His will and truth! Such people do not excuse sin or delay God's will! Complete obedience is their watchword; obedience consisting in all priority and proper emphasis.

Before the times of the Mosaic Law, these small groups of people forsook the status quo and usually gathered around leading men and women of the Spirit. During the times of the Law, God raised up prophets in order to reprove sinning Israel. To these prophets the faithful clung as bands of faithful followers. Now we have come full circle. Since the gifts and services of the prophets have been fulfilled in Jesus Whose witness is the spirit of prophecy God's faithful remnant once again consists of men and women who avoid disobedience, hypocrisy, and compromise the status quo and, if possible, gather around leading men and women of the Spirit of God. As the word implies, remnants by nature are small groups. However, while God's remnants are small, their power and effectiveness is anything but small. For these faithful people stand as God's witnesses of His power and light to all. While being part of a remnant might be lonely from a human point of view, it is a very high honor. Indeed, the remnants are those select people that God always keeps for Himself in order to demonstrate to the universe that He is forever faithful in love, redemption, and power. Remnants are God's jewels of display. They are those who are kept under the shadow of God's wings.

In the very nature of the case at the very core the chosen remnant is characterized by separation from sin. Holiness is paramount in every remnant. The very base meaning of holiness is separation from sin and dedication to God. Both separation and dedication are part and parcel of the whole issue of holiness. You cannot have one without the other. It is just like the case of repentance and faith, that is, repentance from sin and faith in God through Jesus. In order to believe in God you must posses both repentance and faith. Likewise, in order to be holy, which is the fruit of believing, you must separate from sins and dedicate yourself to Christ!

Of first importance then, holiness demands separation from sins. Our situation today is the same as in the days prior to and in the days of Jesus in the land of Israel. In His day, the Temple-Synagogue worship system was thoroughly infected with the doctrines and sins of flesh. Both Jesus and His followers immediately attempted to reform and restore the Temple and the synagogues and were summarily dismissed. The result was that Jesus created and sustained His new assemblies of God in lieu of the synagogues. Soon after, the Temple, as the singular House of Worship for the nation, was destroyed because of the wrath of God over sinful Israel. Today, again, the assemblies have been usurped by the doctrines of men and sins of the flesh. Our condition is the same as in times of old. When you are told to remain silent, when you are dismissed as a radical or as deluded or as a trouble-maker, you must withdraw. To remain within the system and not to continually raise you voice of correction is to compromise with that system. Also, just as in the olden days, the remnants everywhere are the hope for the restoration of the assemblies. We must raise our voices against the sins which have infected the gatherings. If they are not repented of or if we are dismissed through any effective stratagem we must withdraw and rebuild just like Jesus and His original followers did. Until this happens, the doctrines of men and sinful flesh will retain the mastery and God's Spirit will remain quenched and He will remain grieved and angered. The remnants are the hope and means through which God works. Therefore, remain faithful build, withdraw and build. Just as in the times before us, God will use His faithful remnant to rebuild and restore His glorious assemblies. Pray, teach, encourage, correct, remain holy, and constantly petition God to send His teachers that we may be healed.

Arise remnant of God stand apart and act! Herein God is glorified once again!