The Age You are In and What You Must Do About It

Contrary to the words of false teachers and deceived people, we are in an Age of Wrath. It can also be called an Age of Judgment or an Age of God's Anger or anything else like these designations. The signs are everywhere. This is a devastating reality and has set the assemblies of God woefully back as though we live in dark times under the power of sin and death. Before naming the evident signs and what we must do about them, how do we know that our age is identified as an Age of Wrath.

When the Scriptures speak of ages, they do not designate them by identifiers. They presuppose that the people within the age or those evaluating the age understand the nature of the age. In both the Old and New Covenant Scriptures, age is contextually defined and can mean any of the following: long time, course of time, cycle of time, ancient time, always, any more, continuance, eternal, or everlasting. One thing that all of these meanings share in common is that the duration being considered is contrasted with a relatively short time-frame. Another thing that they share in common is that God was or is working out His purpose and administration within that specific time. As such was or is the case, the identifier should come readily to mind.

In the Old Covenant Scriptures, each age designation is rather obscure, not in the sense of ambiguous or uncertain, but in the sense of hidden. When age is used in the New Covenant Scriptures, while the meaning sometimes shares the same hiddenness with the Old Testament, it can also be focused and/or strongly implied. To illustrate this, take, for example, one scripture from the former and one from the latter writings. In Ecclesiastes 1:10, this question and answer are posed: “Is there anything of which one might say, 'See this, it is new'? Already it has existed for ages which were before us.” Here ages are cryptic and refer to past times of existence. In Matthew 24:3 Jesus' inner circle of disciples asked Him this question: “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your Parousia, and of the very end of the age?” (Very, very, unfortunately, the King James Translation has as the last phrase, “and the end of the world?”) While the Jews did not speak this way, the age that they had in mind was the age of Moses or the age of the Law. “Of Moses, or of the Law” is inferred or implied in their speech and writings.

Understanding this, can we rightly designate any other ages than the Age of Moses or The Age of The Law in the Old Covenant times and before them? Yes, we can. We can properly speak of the Age of the Ancients when referring to all of the fathers and leading men who lived before Noah. We can speak of the Age of Noah or Noah's House when referring to the administration of God during those times. Tellingly, those days can also be referred to as an Age of Wrath or Age of Judgment for very obvious reasons. Post-Noah, we can speak of The Age of the Patriarchs or of The Age of The Fathers when referring to the times of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel. We can also speak of the Age of Judges when referring to the judges that God raised up to correct and lead ancient Israel.

Accordingly, time-frames with their characteristic God wrought administrations can and really should be looked at as Ages of God's purposes and dealings. The emphasis is on what God is doing, often in spite of how His people interpret their times and what He is doing. While by God's mercies and accomplishments we have provisionally been in the Day Age or the Age of The Kingdom of God and Christ since the end of the Mosaic Age, our condition compels us and demands us to consider an adaptation of God's dealings with us according to our condition. Herein, God's provision yields to God's administration. God deals with all peoples in any Age according to their responses to Him and His provisions.

We are in an Age of Wrath precisely because we have turned away from God's will and provision and have instead turned to sin. We are doing nothing other than what has been repeated over and over before our times. We have neglected God and His grand and glorious fulfillments and have instead set up institutions and customs of sinful flesh. I am speaking about those who confess Christianity, not about those who maintain that they are not believers. Consider these salient proofs: Marital adultery is pandemic. In fact, this particular Age can be called an Age of Adultery! Other sins that also lead the Scriptural iniquity lists, oral and anal sex, are also all pervasive. I am not only referring to these sexual acts as practiced by the unmarried, but also between husband and wife. In fact, these sins that lead to eternal death have been “sanctified” by the churches with their counterfeit leaders declaring and/or promoting that God's forgiveness and love are demonstrated therein! Sinful flesh is established in the excesses of self-indulgence and entertainment. I am referring to acceptable self-allowances and entertainment running into excess and not to that which is always off-limits in any degree. Division is universal! One would think by evaluating the common condition that it is God's will that His people be divided; that factions are the norm for the body of Christ; that His unity be obliterated and, thereby, that His Mind and Will be rendered ineffective in reality! The factions that have usurped His holy nation, His great house are tellingly and revealingly leaderless. These false leaders are either self-appointed or are appointed by others. They are light-years from the essential qualification of being proficient teachers, for they do not even understand the scriptures that they profess to teach. Often their wives and/or children are out of order or aren't even Christians. They promote marital adultery through teaching and empowering second or more remarriages while the original spouses of the remarried people are still living. They promote disunity and thereby guarantee ongoing iniquity by actually teaching and maintaining that it is God's will for Christianity to be sub-divided in different denominational churches which their various different doctrines, some of which lead to eternal death.

It must be understood that in order to recover from this Age of Wrath, scriptural, Spirit-endorsed leaders who properly function among all of God's household are indispensable. They are just as necessary to God's holy and merciful purposes and provisions among His people as husbands are to complete and healthy families. They must function and be honored.

What must you, then, do? First, repent from the sins named and all of your sins. God will not hear and restore if sins are held to and practiced. After that, continue to call upon the Lord to restore His teachers to His people. Shepardless flocks are demolished by unqualified and false leaders as well as by wolves. Indeed, shepardless flocks are another sign of God's judgment upon His people. Unite with God's restoring movement in order to secure the manifest blessings of God and recover us all to the Light of the Age of the Kingdom of God and Christ!