Why Marital Adultery Is The Sin Of This Age

There are many sins that characterize this Age of Judgment in which we live. Chief among them all is marital adultery. Why is this the case?

Marriage is the first institution placed by God among mankind. It's priority, consecration, and requisite inviolability are universal. Its obligations and privileges are not restricted to the chosen people of God. It is unique among all other human relationships recorded in the Scriptures.

Sexual sins lead in the overall Scriptural sin lists regarding the sins that lead to eternal death. The epitome sin list is that regarding the works of the flesh enumerated by Paul. In that list he names fornication, oral sex, and anal sex as the first group. He used euphemisms for oral sex and anal sex. Fornication in this context is an umbrella term for all kinds of sexual sins, including the two that he immediately named. Adultery is not explicitly named, but it is definitely included within the overall scope of fornication in this context.

The Scriptural definition of marital adultery is when someone is married to another person while his or her original and legitimate spouse lives or it is when someone is married to another person who has a living original and legitimate spouse. Remarriage after the death of one's original and legitimate spouse is not marital adultery. It is legitimate remarriage before God.

The churches have almost universally “sanctified” and “legitimized” remarriage after divorce while the legitimate spouse still lives. They go to great lengths to establish their position that remarriage after divorce is blessed by God. They allow various reasons for these remarriages, none of which are valid before God and all of which are condemned by Him. Their reasons range from the so-called and well known “exceptive clause” to desertion to different types of abuse and cruelty. They also frequently include their man-made redefinitions of repentance before God and forgiveness by God. All of these reasons and reasonings are utter failures regarding God's Word. They guarantee exclusion from God's Kingdom for all that personally practice and/or effectively promote divorce and remarriage.

Jesus declared that the generation in which He lived was a generation of adultery. That was because of the liberal and ungodly divorce and remarriage laws which were regularly practiced in both the Roman and Jewish worlds in which He lived. He also declared that those who divorced and remarried were in a state of perpetual adultery.

Our day and Age is no different than that of Jesus regarding the laxity and frequency of divorce and remarriage. And, just like in His day, divorce and remarriage have been “sanctified” by the religious leaders of our day. Unlike other sins which can be hidden, this one is out in the open. It is completely under the view of God and men. It is discovered and laid bare in the remarriages of men and women.

Again, there are many sins that characterize the Age in which we live. However, like the generation of Jesus, our Age is an Age of Adultery. Because of the prevailing treacherousness of marital adultery, it is the deceitful and ruinous sin of our Age. While exterminating all sins from God's people is necessary, removing those that lead to eternal death obviously take priority. If you remove all other sins but let this one remain then nothing really matters. This one sin alone utterly defiles and corrupts any people guilty of it and their organizations that allow it.

Since marital adultery is the prominent sin of this Age, its removal is paramount to, and the true evidence of, fellowship with God in Jesus. Its presents guarantees the continuance of man-made, false “fellowship” with God and marks it out as the sin of this Age.

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